Juho Vainio Foundation

The Juho Vainio Foundation distributes grants for scientific research and activities that promote public health and healthy lifestyles, especially health promoting physical activity and nutrition, prevention of health hazards caused by smoking and the use of alcohol, as well as the promotion of mental health and environmental health (including prevention of health hazards in buildings).  

The grants that the Foundation awards are personal grants and project grants. The Foundation may also issue one or several large grants annually. The amount of the grant is decided on separately by the Board of the Foundation each year. Usually it is about € 100,000. The purpose of the large grant is to support a significant and comprehensive research project or a health promotion project that lasts for one or more years.

The grants can be applied for once a year. The application period for grants awarded for the following calendar year is September every year. The grant decisions are made in November-December.

The Foundation publishes the central results and conclusions of the studies and projects funded by its grants on its website in the “Research Results” section after the final reports of the grant receivers have been approved.

The total amount of the grants awarded by the Juho Vainio Foundation annually has reached the level of EUR 1,500,000.

In 2015 Juho Vainio Foundation started to award scholarships to financially support the studies of students preparing for construction industry. The scholarships are directed to students who are doing their thesis in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. The scholarships are awarded via Metropolia Tukisäätiö. Juho Vainio Foundation decides yearly how much funds are reserved for these scholarships. In the year 2015 scholarships in the total amount of 10,000 euros were awarded. The scholarships can range from 1,000 – 3,000 euros.